Turk on the summit: Tunç Fındık'
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The only Turk who has achieved to climb to 11 of the 14 highest summits in the world, we asked national climber Tunç Fındık about his climbing passion and the mountains in Turkey.
When did you start climbing?

I started climbing in 1990 in Bilkent University Mountaineering Club.

Which summits in Turkey excite you the most?

Turkey is a land of mountains and rocks. The mountains in Turkey may not be as high and grand as Himalayas however there are great mountains and climbing routes in almost all cities in Turkey. Like Ağrı and Kaçkarlar… Steep peaks of Aladağlar in Niğde, Reşko summit at Cilo Mountains in Hakkâri and climbing the frozen waterfalls at Uzundere district in Erzurum excite me the most.

What would you advise those who aspire to climb?

Climbing is a sport that energizes, broadens the horizons of one through which you can establish solid friendships. I would like to say those who aspire to become climbers to follow their dreams and never forget that they can achieve the hard.

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