Turkey for the Benefit of the World

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We interviewed Minister of Culture and Tourism Nabi Avcı who says, “World’s conscience Turkey, is not merely Turkey. It is the ground on which our culture and civilization rise.”

The slogan of the Third National Cultural Council was “Turkey for the Benefit of the World”. What exactly does that mean for you?

We adopt the motto “Turkey for the Benefit the World” mentioned in one of our sessions during the council as the message of the National Cultural Council. Turkey, where the brightest pages of history of civilization are written, is home to the most precious treasures of world cultural heritage.

Our council has strongly confirmed that we will protect this home, our home, our language, our country, our culture, our wisdom with all its wealth against all kinds of threats and attacks.

We will not only preserve our culture, our art, our literature, our values, moreover we will perfect them for all humanity. We will do everything in our power as a state and a nation, as central and local administrations, universities and non-governmental organizations, public and private sectors, institutions and individuals. Profound spiritual bond that keeps us together and unite us, is the warrant of our differences. Turkey, where the brightest pages of history of civilization are written, is home to the most precious treasures of world cultural heritage

At this point, can we say that the importance of reconciliation culture emerges?

Absolutely. This Council has once again shown that Turkey is the heir of an accumulation based not on conflict, competition, fight, rejection of legacy but on loyalty, love, compassion, justice and solidarity. In the National Cultural Council, it was underlined that the tense and polarizing political climate impoverished our cultural life in the past, and pluralistic and democratic character of the Third National Cultural Council that brings together the rich background of Turkey, was appreciated.

One of the central themes of the National Cultural Council was the idea of “claiming the richness of our language is claiming all our heart geography”. What would you like to say on this matter?

Almost all of our commissions have been concerned with the preservation of all artistic and cultural works that enrich the moral and spiritual climate of the society, and celebrate humanity and life. Likewise, the threat of impoverishment of our language, Turkish was pointed out, and the need to teach Ancient Turkish language that bears the richness of three major languages has been expressed. To own up the wealth of our language as a whole, is to claim our entire heart geography from the Balkans to Caucasus, from Kazan to Sana’a.

You express that an understanding based on spiritual integrity of children and youth must be highlighted. What needs to be done to achieve this goal?

Protecting our children, our youth, our families and our social texture against the destructive assaults they face, requires a new awareness, new attention and revival. The perpetuity of the state and nation depends on the survival of family values. We must equip our children and our youth with our national and spiritual values against the modern lifestyles that adopt individuality and selfishness as norms.

Ms. Alev Alatlı says, “We have almost never had big boulevards straight as a ruler, or geometrical squares.” How do you think we should preserve the cultural identity of our cities?

The most important issue that the discussions and proposals on this matter focus on, is the conservation of cultural identity of our cities, and preventing destruction urgently. The fields that require m o re government patronage in order t o improve our culture, have carefully been determined, and in addition to proposals concerning liabilities of our Ministry, mainly National Education, local governments, civil society organizations and the private sector have given extremely valuable advices. The need for qualified personnel to improve the quality of services in the culture field has been one of the issues emphasized in the Council. Likewise, a very strong desire and will emerged for the promotion and recognition of Turkish culture in the world.

Whose contributions do you expect to attain all these goals?

Local governments and civil administrations must contribute more to cultural development. It is essentially needed to restructure some institutions, and to conduct inventory studies in many fields. There is the fact that the sensitivity towards culture-art is definitely formed during childhood and importance of a high-quality early education is indisputable. We are hopeful about this. We once again tell that we are determined to nurture this hope, to enrich the cultural life, and that we are on the side of all artistic activities, artists, intellectuals, and scholars.


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