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Turkey Leads in Robotic Surgery

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Turkey is the second country after India where highest number of organ transplants are performed using robotic surgery.

Today in the world of medicine, robotic surgery is actively used in many successful surgeries. The surgery is performed by using the arms on the surgeon console, with a model based on hand wrist, located beside the patient in the operating room. The Da Vinci robot, the only example of robotic surgery systems in the world, provides easy access to more difficult areas in the body, and allows the doctor to operate with more precision.

Used for nearly 10 years in Turkey, the robotic surgical system procedures are performed through tiny channels called ports. This robot is mainly used in general surgery, as well as in urology, cardiovascular, gynaecology, ear, nose, throat, and thoracic surgeries.

In procedures performed using robotic surgery, the method is to perform the surgery through a few holes instead of a large incision. This method allows the patient to recover faster.

Many organ transplant surgeries are performed using robotic surgery in Turkey and the first transplant was performed at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine. With the operation performed by a team formed by Prof. Dr. Aydın Dalgıç, Prof. Dr. Gökhan Yağcı and Assoc. Dr. Hakan Sözen, a 37-year-old male patient received a kidney removed from his wife by using robotic surgery.


Dr. Volkan Tuğcu In Charge of Bakırköy Dr. Sadi Konuk Education and Research Hospital Urology Clinic participated in the “First Palandöken Endourology Days” organized in Erzurum in recent days. Volkan Tuğcu issued a statement after the program, and stated that he performed 60 kidney transplants in Turkey since he learned robotic surgical transplant method in India 1,5 years ago. In addition to teams in Turkey, he also trains the teams from Europe on organ transplants with robotic surgery.

Tuğcu noted that the kidney transplants performed using robotic surgery in a period of 1,5 years have been successful and that the number of organ transplants in countries with robotic surgery have not exceeded 20.

Tuğcu underlined how advanced Turkey is in robotic surgery, and said, “Turkey is the second country after India where highest number of organ transplants are performed using robotic surgery, which is a source of pride. We are the only centre in Turkey where organ transplants are performed using robotic surgery, we have a lot of experience in the field, and at the same time, we perform kidney transplants using robotic surgery.”

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