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Turkey’s Century old Dream Came True

Written by TR Dergisi

The “centennial” project, designed by command of Sultan Abdulhamid II with the aim of transferring the water, flowing to the Mediterranean from Göksu Basin, to Konya Plains, is completed.

With Konya Plains Project (KOP), water now flows to Konya Plains through a canal with a total length of 225 kilometres. With the Blue Tunnel Project, a principal step of the century-old project, 125 kilometres long Apa Hotamış Canal to transfer the water collected in Bağbaşı, Bozkır and Avşar Dams to Konya Plains, completed. Within the scope of the project, water initially flowed through the Blue Tunnel in 2015, and Apa Pond was offered to the use of farmers. Director General of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) Murat Acu who visited Konya to examine the operations carried out, made the following statement: “With the project, agricultural lands with a gross area of 19 thousand hectares in Çumra Plain will be irrigated. In the project estimated to be complete in 2019, all irrigation facilities will be operated, maintained and repaired by the contractor for 24 months following the completion of irrigation construction. We have completed 780 thousand hectares of land in the project at the end of which 1 million 100 thousand hectares will be irrigated, and these are operational. We work intensely to raise the welfare level of region’s people and contribute to the regional and national economy. “

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