Turkey’s Largest Underwater Museum Opens

Written by TR Dergisi

A new natural diving point in Antalya has recently opened: The Side Underwater Museum, which accommodates 110 works of art, has become the new favourite of divers.

The huge statues of the underwater museum built in Side has been situated on the bottom of the sea. It is expected that these works of art, which reach a height of six metres and weight of five tonnes, will have a tremendous impact on Antalya’s tourism. Side Underwater Museum, which aims to become the centre of touristic diving, consists of works with themes such as Whirling Dervishes, War of Independance, Temple of Poseidon, Camel Trains and Flower Gardens. The American War Plane, an underwater wreck located in Manavgat – Antalya, had crashed into sea while turning back to its base in Cyprus after a bombing mission in Romania in 1944. While the reason as to why the Italian plane crashed into the sea close to Kaş is still unknown. The Three Islands area in the open seas of Tekirova is also an important diving destination. Many cave divers are also interested in the Gok Cavern in Finike. The Wreck of ancient Gelidonya located to the north of the Antalya Gulf dates back to the Bronze Age.

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