Turkish Book by Korean Student'
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Turkish Book by Korean Student

Written and published South Korean university student Kowoon Jeon, the Turkish Language Instruction Book is attracting intense interest in the country.

South Korean Kowoon (written as Goun in his country) Jeon is a graduate student at Hacettepe University Department of Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language who studies with the scholarship awarded by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB). Jeon’s Turkish Language Instruction Book was published in South Korea. The book prepared with the aim of assisting those who learn and aspire to learn Turkish in South Korea, consists of 200 full pages. Turkish instruction in Korea is at a lower level compared to English, Chinese and Japanese instructions in terms of number of students and educational material. Jeon, saying that this is the point where the story of the book began, states that the aim is to present Turkish students and those who want to learn Turkish in Korea with a book that assists.

Kowoon Jeon (Student, author)

There are not many Turkish textbooks in Korea. The ones available are either not comprehensive enough or there are too many mistakes because they are old. I had a difficult time trying to learn Turkish with those books. Therefore, based on the difficulties I experienced in learning Turkish, I had the desire to write a book that explains Turkish vocabulary and grammar more properly.

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