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Turkish Girl’s RobotRanked Second in the World

Written by TR Dergisi

High school student Alara Güler has achieved a major success with her semi-autonomous mobile robot named “TohumBot” aimed at agricultural practices.

Üsküdar American High School student Alara Güler who represented Turkey in Taiwan İnternational award from Chinas Taiwans electronics in Taiwan International Science Fair participated by 23 countries with 247 projects, came in as the second in the world named ‘TohumBot”, a ”Low Cost Semi-Autonomous Mobile Robot for Agricultural Practices” TohumBot developed by Alara Güler, will be particularly utilized in small and medium-sized unmanned horticulture areas. Alara Güler received her award in the ceremony attended by Taipei Turkish Trade Office Second Clerk Erhan Gülmez and Intel Taiwan President Dr. Nan Shyan Chu, and stated that she was very happy to receive such an award from Chinas Taiwans electronics giants, and that she will continue her scientific studies for the benefit of humanity.

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