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Free Turkish democracy found on a constitution, faced an armed coup attempt on the night of July 15th 2016. Legitimate Turkish President, Government and Turkish Grand National Assembly elected by people’s votes were the targets of this heinous attack which was eliminated thanks to collective resistance by the Turkish nation. Turkish nation protected its country, democracy, honour and stability.

The whole world witnessed the determination of Turkish nation to live in peace and solely on its own will. Setting off from the thought that “There is good in all evil”, we know that we are stronger as a country and nation after this heinous attack. There is no doubt that Turkey will remain a centre of attraction for those who aspire to learn Turkish, world citizens who wish to travel to, discover and understand Turkey and investors.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü sides with the legitimate President, Government and Assembly elected by people’s votes and is a supporter of free will of Turkish nation. May all the citizens martyred during these event rest in peace and we wish the injured to get well soon.

With our administrators and staff around the world, we say that “Sovereignty belongs to the nation” as esteemed Turkish president RECEP TAYYİP ERDOĞAN also clearly stated and we strongly and openly condemn the attacks on our constitutional system.


The charitable Turkish nation is ready to offer help in the face of this tragedy. In order to cater to this demand by Turkish nation, an aid campaign has been organised within the framework to be determined by the Ministry and our citizens, institutions and organisations and non-governmental organisations may contribute.

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