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Turkish Science Base in Antarctica

Written by TR Dergisi

The ITU PolReC team of scientists make efforts in Antarctica for the “Turkish Scientific Research Base” planned to be established.

İTU PolRec Director Assoc. Dr. Burcu Özsoy, in the nine-person team of scientists from İstanbul Techni-cal University (İTU), Karadeniz Technical University and Hitit University, explained that Turkish scientists previously held some studies in bases in Antarctica. Özsoy stated that they have conducted scientific studies on the leased research ship after moving to the King George Island in Antarctica.

Özsoy continued as follows: “Antarctica is a con-tinent not owned by any world country but is ru-led under the flag of 53 world countries. While 29 countries are at consultant status, the remaining 24 are observing countries. As the Turkish Republic, we attained observer status in 1995. Since then, we have remained as observer because scientific works have been carried out less frequently. Attaining consultant status is important in this respect. The conditions to attain consultant status are approaching, evaluating and studying Antarctic continent scientifically.”

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