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Turkish Scientists Discovered a Planet

Written by TR Dergisi

Turkish scientists announced the discovery of a Jupiter-like exoplanet, 212 light years away from the solar system.

Initiated in 2007 under the leadership of Ankara University, planetary exploration research by Turkish, Japanese and Russian scientists has been concluded. Studies carried out by Asst. Prof. Mesut Yılmaz, Prof. Dr. Selim Osman Selam, Prof. Dr. Varol Keskin and İbrahim Özavcı at TUBITAK National Observatory in Bakırtepe, Antalya, resulted in the discovery of a planet 1.5 times larger than Jupiter which is 212 light years away from the solar system. Asst. Dr. Mesut Yılmaz stated the following on the discovery: “We have discovered an extrasolar Jupiter-like planet (exoplanet). Turkish scientists have discovered a planet for the first time in history. We experience the pride and joy of this discovery. This new planet, 1.5 times larger than Jupiter, completes a full orbital circle around its star in nearly one year.”

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