Where Gods Meet Mount Nemrut

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Mount Nemrut included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987, opens the doors to the history before Christ for you with thousands of years old statues and monumental graves from Kingdom of Commagene.


You can see limestone sculptures of Roman and Persian gods by visiting the god statues from Kingdom of Commagene, the meeting point of Persian and Greek Civilizations and the mausoleum of King Antiochos.


Mount Nemrut on Toros Mountain Range will greet you with terraces formed by carved rocks. You can watch the sunrise and sunset on the eastern, western and northern terraces that offer spectacular views.


A dish specific to Adıyaman, Besni fry is a local delicacy where rested meat meets with eggplant. It is a must to try this flavour when you visit Adıyaman.


You can visit the historical Oturakçı Bazaar in Adıyaman and buy handmade carpets, rugs and bags in authentic patterns and motifs of the region presented on colourful stalls.


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