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With a past around 250 Years ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY'
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The focus of the studies conducted in the university, is to make this academy a global authority in its field.
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Istanbul Technical University is a brand with 243 years of history, science, technology, arts and sports. It is a science centre connecting the past to our day and devising projects for the future. ITU offers 39 undergraduate degrees in 13 faculties and master’s and doctoral degrees in 6 institutes in 5 campuses located at different central spots in Istanbul. There are 360 laboratories and 13 research centres under ITU. With 23 accredited engineering programmes, it is known as the university with highest number of ABET accreditations in the world. Students who participate in International Joint Undergraduate Degree Programme, complete half of their education in contracted universities in USA and are qualified to receive dual degrees. ITU offers double major and minors in various departments, and also has the highest number of Erasmus exchange programmes in Turkey with agreements exceeding 900. ITU is the home of science-industry-technology with nearly 200 R&D projects carried out in ARI Teknokent under its roof.


“I attended ITU in 1986. I was a bright student in high school but I got acquainted with a very different lifestyle and discipline there. They provide an environment where students can realise their potentials. I benefited from that and built the first basic robot in Turkey. I have been a science and technology enthusiast since then.”


The first Turkish helicopter “Arıkopter”, the first cube satellite “ITUpSAT1”, first communication satellite “Türksat3USAT”, first unmanned auto-mobile “Otonobil”, first hydrogen-fuelled boat “Martı” and first electric minibus were built by ITU.
ITU Says Research First. Here are the Main Centres.

1 Research Centres

2 ITU Laboratory Infrastructure Information System

3 Research Funds

4 Scientific Research Projects

5 European Union Centre

6 Student Researches

7 Teknokent and Other Industrial Collaborations

Istanbul Technical University has a worldwide reputation with 360 R&D laboratories and 13 research centres under its roof.

Istanbul Technical University is a research university. Its aim is to address local and global issues which require solutions in regions it offers education, to generate new ideas, to develop new perspectives and to present new values. University, catering to a major need in Turkey with young minds raised, holds researches in numerous fields, builds prototypes and creates conditions for production. Having realised tens of unique and pioneering projects throughout 243 years of history, it has proved itself as a research university competing with the world with projects it currently conducts and plans to conduct.

Maslak the district main ITU campus is located is known as Turkey’s Manhattan with its skyscrapers.

ITU EU Centre contributes in realisation of research activities carried out in collaboration with European Union, and coordinates the entire communication and information exchange between ITU and European Union institutions in research field. EU Centre organises seminars and workshops in association with European Research Area (ERA) with the aim of informing the academic personnel in ITU on the latest developments in research field in Europe.


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