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Free Diving World Record Holder National Athlete Derya Can dove to a depth of 94 meters in Antalya’s Kaş province and broke the world record in “variable weight without fins” category.

It is a major success. Congratulations. How long did it take?

It took 2 minutes and 38 seconds to dive to a depth of 94 meters and return to the sea surface.

How did the world record make you feel?

I held my breath for the martyrs in the diving attempt where I broke the record. I thought of them and their grieving families at every inch of the dive. Every second I held my breath, I wanted to be their breathe. Condolences to Turkish nation, and I wish patience to families of all our martyrs.

Could you tell us about your expectations from future?

We have entered a new year. There is hope in all of us, and expectations from the new year. We will again have goals. Nearly 1.5 years ago, my daughter, my second child was born. Although I prepared in a very short period and despite cold winter conditions, the world record came. As a nation, we accomplish great things in short time, I have full faith in this. I wanted to set an example as an athlete.

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