Yunus Emre Enstitüsü With the Comment of Celebrities

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The winners of “Contribution to Turkish 99 Culture Awards” granted by YEE within the scope of the Third Radio Academy Awards, and guests of honour in the night, expressed their feelings.

Ahmet Selçuk İlkan – Poet, Artist

Yo ur Enstitü offers very good servi ces abroad. I get excited when overseas is mentioned. Because I completed my education in Berlin. Let alone such institutions, libraries; there was a time when we could not even find book stores. Foreigners who are introduced to Turkish language, culture, art, history, in short Turkey are lucky in this sense. I think that Turks who live abroad are very fortunate to feel at ease thanks to Turkish representations in cities they live in. It is a great occasion both for Turkish language and Yunus Emre as well. It is a big chance to discover, learn and promote our cultural treasure from Yunus Emre to our day…

Turkish is our pure language, our mother language.

We know how exhausting it is to speak foreign languages, and especially how difficult it is for us with regard to l i te ra tu re and translation. I beli eve that many more artists and scholars will succeed if they know Turkish language well and if we can make our language popular. Because language is a bridge, and at the same time the most beautiful feeling and sense that introduces people from eye to heart and caresses the souls of people with its pleasant style taking a place in peoples hearts. We are lucky that our language Turkish will be spoken in many metropolises of the world.

Derviş Zaim Film Director

Yunus Emre is one of Anatolias gates of words. He is a prominent figure for our disposition. This is why being here is an honour in itself. Yunus Emre has an utterly unique, unprecedented place in our culture. So this is a very precious perspective. Only such a name would suit such an institute. I will continue making films with this point of view. Therefore Yunus Emre perspective also echoes in my films.

Engin Altan Düzyatan Actor

When we began this project, we could naturally anticipate the direction Diriliş Ertuğrul series could go. Because it is actually a project where we speak of our essence, narrate a hero of our own, and get to the roots of the Ottoman Empire. However, we received feedback from the audience and all of us had expectations. We received positive feedback that exceeded our expectations, and now we are at a very good place. We are happy that we are able to remind our culture, and some core emotions. You also make efforts in that direction. Enstitü operates in numerous countries abroad.

Senad Hasanagic Researcher- Writer

I am pleased and honoured. Your employees are young, dynamic and smart people. I have gladly collaborated with you. I hope we will make a fine impression in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The subject I dedicated myself to is Ottomans tolerance policy.

I completed a master’s degree in this subject, and I have also completed my doctoral dissertation. I wrote a few books. I try to explain the wealth we have inherited in these books, and in my shows for Mostar Radio. This is a matter that needs to be discussed today as was the case in the past. It is our duty to understand it and make it understood.

Zekai Tunca Turkish Classical Music Artist

I would like to thank Yunus Emre Enstitüsü for their activities both in Turkey and abroad. Yunus Emre Enstitüsü presenting “Contributions to Turkish Culture” awards in Third Radio Academy Awards ceremony, relieved me of my long-standing disturbance. In such an environment, I sincerely congratulate all employees of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü, from directors to the employees in most remote corners of the world, for undertaking such an important task.

Zübeyde Ahmed Deputy of Skopje Radio

We are based in Macedonia. Skopje Radio is a radio station established in 1944 under Macedonian State Radio. I am honoured to be with you in Istanbul on this occasion where Yunus Emre Enstitüsü grants ” Contributions to Turkish Culture Awards” The radio can reach the most remote corners of the world where people cannot reach, and makes itself heard. Our station broadcasts Turkish shows with many different subjects, from politics to education, from culture to sports, from children’s shows to health programs. In Macedonia, we address 2 million people in Turkish. It is heard all over Macedonia. For the first time in 73 years, such a prize is awarded to our Radio.
Hasanagic: The subject I dedicated myself to is Ottoman’s tolerance policy. I completed a master’s degree in this subject, and I have also completed my doctoral dissertation.

A Yunus Emre Enstitüsü centre was inaugurated 9 years ago in our capital Skopje. They organize a lot of activities, and bring the two countries closer. Not only Macedonians live in Macedonia; we all witness the activities of Yunus Emre Enstitüsü as Turks, Bosnians, and Serbs. I strongly agree with the slogan “Turkish Everywhere in the World” on yo ur logo. Turkish will be spoken all over the world.

Zübeyde Ahmed: I strongly agree 9» with the slogan “Turkish Everywhere in the World” on your logo. Turkish will be spoken all over the world.

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